Reflection Module 7 – New Literacies

Module 7 was good.  It was nice to have a little more time to complete work over the Thanksgiving break 🙂

Daily Creates –

1 Red Element – For this I tried a new app on my iPad called Color Splash, after reviewing and testing several other apps.  Color Splash had good reviews and was easy to use.  I took a photo of my black pug Olive, turned the photo black and white and painted on her red collar.

Pentagram Art – This one I had to dig through the art supplies and find my hidden sharpie stash.  I did some research online to see which constellation I wanted to make stars with.  It’s simple, but it did take 5 attempts to get the big dipper positioned just right!


Reading Annotations – “Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture” discussed rethinking the way we teach and what skills we teach.  Reading and writing were still considered important even with the addition of new media literacy skills.  The author said the traditional skills become more critical when navigating with new media.  I believe that is true.  Most of the article focused on the importance of play to learn and problem solve, especially with online games.  Before reading this I was a little skeptical, but the authors examples show many ways online games can be educational and motivating.  “From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able” was great!  I like the material by Micheal Wesch.  The article was written in 2009, but even then his ideas are still ahead of our time, in 2017.  That’s kind of sad 😦  He presented ideas that change the way we view our education system.  The main point that stood out to me was in the past it was important for students to know, memorize and recall information.  Now it’s more important for students to be able to find, sort, critique, discuss and create new information.  Teaching this way would significantly change the way teachers interact with their students.  I think we are beginning to move in this direction.

Video Annotations –  In “Creativity is the New Literacy” it is believed that the current model of education is squashing creativity and students are asked to stop thinking and dreaming, instead focus on doing and becoming, especially around the age of 13 and 14.  This seemed pretty accurate to me.  Many students seem lost and disconnected at times.  “Participatory Culture & Education” addressed social media use and the fears teachers have of introducing it into the classrooms.  I believe their fears are valid and at the same time schools are one of the best places to introduce.  If not the students will be learning and navigating it on their own, which sounds scary with the amount and types of information out there.  “Changing Education Paradigms” Wow! I absolutely LOVED this video.  I watched it three times.  The lecture with sketchnoting was fantastic!  I was shocked and at the same time not surprised at what Sir Ken Robinson was saying about our educational system.  ADHD has risen in parallel with standardized testing!  Schools are like factories!  We seriously need to change the system!   “Knowledgeable vs Knowledge-able”  This 2012 video was similar to his article in 2009.  He emphasized the  importance to know stuff, but more importantly to know how to find it, sort it, analyze it, criticize it and then share new information.  He added something new that included inspiration, getting students to question, students asking questions beyond school, inspiring their curiosity and developing these skills so they last beyond their schooling years.  Curiously it’s not so much developing these skills.  Children are naturally curious and as he said enter school as question marks, but because of our school system leave as periods.  We should help them leave with questions, just as they entered.  The “Future Learning”  video noted that the current model of education is squashing creativity too, arithmetic will be a sport in 2061 and that real learning occurs when it’s relevant, involves problem solving games and in the absence of the teacher.  Aspects of this videos main ideas were hard to swallow, but there is some truth.  There are teachers bringing creativity back into the classroom, but it is still a long ways off.  I believe arithmetic will still be needed.  Do kids really learn more without a teacher?  His experiment was pretty convincing by introducing the computers without any instructions.  If teachers are not needed for students to learn, what is their role?  Is there a role?  One think I do know is that teaching and what it means to teach need to be redefined.  Lots of questions were stirred up after watching the video for me.


Dialog –  I completed my 4 dialogs; however, I really wanted to complete Do Not Track with someone.  So when Heather mentioned it I said yes.  I would have been more surprised by the information if I had completed this one at the beginning of the course, but there were still a few surprises.  One was that 90% of the data was produced in the last two years.  Also that data is being utilized by four big companies Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, three of which I use.  The most surprising was my phone and that it’s tracking me, always, unless I take out the battery and leave it somewhere.  Privacy is dead!  Something to be aware of as I search online and carry my phone.  I am not too worried about what I search for, grain free recipes, kid and dog related items, but my data is used to judge others.  I find that sad and believe it is not ethical.


Challenges – My first challenge was Blast From the Past and my big stretch.  I chose to remake an old painting, Brabacon Brussels Griffon by Otto Eerelman (1839-1926) , with my Boston Terrier, Cody, and then I created a new blog on, to showcase it.  I also created a page with my dogs puppy photos and plan on adding more to this site to share with my family.  Working with a new blog site was tricky, but I am glad I tried it out.  It actually made it easier to go back to wordpress and figure out the tabs feature.  This challenge was a lot of work, but also lots of fun!  I used several new apps and ended up going back and forth between them to get a look that was kind of like the painting!?!? Err sort of.  It was more difficult than I thought.  My dog looks like he has a camouflage background.  I plan on playing with these apps to change up several other photos and to show my kids.  I can’t wait to see what they create 🙂


Challenge # 2 – Digital Ethnography  For this one I recorded a dialog with my daughter about an event when I made a BIG mix up 😦  One day, a few weeks ago, I mixed up the dogs vitamins, glucosamine supplements, with my kids vitamins.  Well, they ate it and they complained!  It wasn’t until after I realized what I did.  MY BAD, REALLY BAD!!!!  Click the Soundcloud link to hear the story from my daughters perspective.  I used Audacity to record, added music from FMA, credited my source, and uploaded it to Soundcloud.  It was tricky with the audio.  My daughter voice was much louder than mine and peaked out several times.  I adjusted it by amplifying my voice and minimizing her’s in critical spots.  She’s pretty funny and I will never hear the end of this one!  I don’t blame her 🙂


Other Notable Works –  I really liked Robin’s Pentagram Pop Art

I also liked her voting story on Twitter and Rich’s story too.  They are a little hard to follow and look complicated to complete, but kudos to them for trying it out.  It makes me want to try it too!

WordPress Update –  Now that I have been working with it for almost 4 months I am getting the hang of it 🙂  I like my font, changed the color background and added a photo.  I also finally figured out how to add new tabs on another assignment for my field experience class website thanks to this course!



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